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Fundraising Operations

Fundraising operations are the foundation of your advancement efforts.

We partner with your team to help you maximize your resources through:

Operational Efficiency

Don’t let inefficiency jeopardize your critical fundraising goals. We will evaluate and provide clarity on operational pitfalls, including:

  • Data collection
  • Dissemination and communication of information across multiple departments (marketing and communications, fundraising, finance, etc.)
  • Analysis and recommended improvements to eliminate duplication of efforts across multiple system platforms, processes, and/or departments
  • Data integrity and collection
  • Standardized data-entry and coding
  • Key metrics including donor acquisition, growth, retention, etc.
  • Assessment of Team skills, areas and opportunities for training and perform training as needed

Record & Usage Audit

You records are the key to your fundraising efforts. It’s time to give them the attention they deserve.

  • Constituent record review, duplicate record management, relationship and household management
  • General record clean-up including inactive records, records with no valid address, tributes, deceased records, etc.
  • Review constituency codes and recommend best practices surrounding all constituency data coding
  • Review of addressee/salutations, recommend improvements and implement best practices
  • Review solicit codes and recommend donor-centric best practices

...and also:

Analyzing and/or Creating Annual & Planned Giving Programs

  • Determining the ROI of current efforts
  • Identifying lapsed donors, years of consecutive giving, giving by program/segmentation and more
  • Identify annual and planned giving societies
  • Set-up database infrastructure to track, monitor and report on giving societies

Outsourced Gift Entry

Have you had unexpected transition in your gift processing role?

Use our interim gift processing staffing, or outsource your gift processing all together.

Online Express & Email Communications

  • Review online express usage and set-up and recommend best practices
  • Review inactive/bounce back emails and recommend and/or implement clean-up and strategy

Gift Processing & Donor Acknowledgment Processing

  • Review practices surrounding gift processing and optimizing gift batching
  • Review mail module usage including conditional mail merge best practice recommendations, set-up of letters and training
  • Review and recommendation of best practices for donor advised funds, soft credits, United Way, matching gifts, etc.

Assessing Current Database Systems

Ensure that proper coding has been established to track:

  • Solicitor Relationships
  • Outstanding proposals/solicitations
  • Naming opportunities
  • Pledges and outright gifts
  • Pledge payment/cash flow forecasting
  • Prospect pipeline
  • …and more!

Assessing Reporting Capabilities


  • Gift officer goals, portfolio management and close rate
  • Prospect pipeline
  • Financial reports
  • Donor giving reports
  • Other reports as identified during assessment

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