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Maximize Your Fundraising with Expert Greater Giving Training

Harness the full power of your event software with dedicated Greater Giving training.

The Importance of Specialized Greater Giving Training

While the Greater Giving platform offers an array of advanced features designed to aid your fundraising event activities, its complexities can be daunting, particularly for those who are new to the system.

Our Greater Giving training is specifically designed to bridge this gap, ensuring that every member of your team can fully utilize the software to its greatest potential.

If you’re aiming to refine your event management and fundraising strategies, the specialized instruction we provide in Greater Giving training is your solution.

Greater Giving

The Advantages of Comprehensive Training

Mastering the Software Suite

Greater Giving training gives you the proficiency to utilize every function and feature of the software, increasing productivity.

Maximizing Fundraising Growth

With our training, your organization will be better equipped to leverage all event fundraising avenues, thereby expanding your reach and impact.

Navigating Complex Systems

We simplify the complexities of the software, enabling you to manage your events more effectively.

Producing Impactful Reports

Our training helps you generate meaningful reports that can provide insights and drive decisions.

Seamless Software Integration

Learn to import and export data efficiently between your existing software ecosystems, such as Raiser’s Edge, for a streamlined workflow.

How Our Greater Giving Training Works

At Marsherall Partners, we invest time in understanding the unique makeup of your organization. This means working closely with every tier of your organization—including your event coordinators, Greater Giving users, and executive leadership—to identify successful strategies and areas requiring improvement.

Our collaborative approach results in a tailored and clear-cut workflow, simplifying event management processes. We also focus on training volunteers quickly, accelerating check-in and check-out procedures, and increasing the overall efficiency to elevate your fundraising results.

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Virtual or In-Person, We've Got You Covered

Whether your challenges lie in handling virtual events or you seek mastery over mobile bidding and auctions, or require assistance with in-person event data handling, we’re here to transform your experience into one that is stress-free and successful through industry-leading Greater Giving training.

Connect with us to initiate your training and start optimizing your event management processes.

Beyond Customer Support

Tailored Greater Giving Training

Greater Giving equips you with robust tools for event organization, donation tracking, online bidding, and comprehensive payment solutions, all supported by a capable customer service team.

However, the unique complexities of each organization require more personalized attention. Standard solutions run the risk of hindering your operations, leading to potential issues with report generation, data analysis, and even disruption of event-critical functionalities.

Our training goes beyond the general advice of customer support:

  • We offer one-on-one sessions tailored to individual needs.
  • Small group sessions focus on collaborative learning and problem-solving.
  • In-depth training includes exploring advanced features and integration techniques.
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Why Full-Service Event Management Matters

Event management is a diverse field that demands a broad spectrum of skills for various event types and sizes. Our team prides itself on a track record of over 100 successfully managed events spanning virtual happenings, large-scale galas, and community-centered fundraisers. Our expertly guided events have been instrumental in raising millions for community initiatives.

Learn more about how our Greater Giving training and outsourced event data management and onsite registration support can skyrocket your fundraising efforts.

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Choose Marsherall Partners for Unparalleled Expertise

Since its inception, Marsherall Partners has been committed to assisting organizations in leveraging their data for greater community impact. Our data-driven strategies and industry best practices are designed to reveal inefficiencies and spotlight opportunities for improvement in funds allocation and community outreach.

By partnering with us, you are selecting a trusted ally dedicated to the optimization of your philanthropic missions through profound insights and strategic planning.

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Let's Get Started

When you’re ready to unlock the secrets of Greater Giving and want expert guidance on utilizing the platform to its utmost capability, Marsherall Partners is here. Our professional, knowledgeable, and service-oriented team is available for remote and on-site consultations tailored to your schedule and requirements.

Contact us today to revolutionize the way you understand and employ Greater Giving to achieve—and surpass—your fundraising goals.

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