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DonorPerfect Training

Learn how to make the most of DonorPerfect so that you can raise more money, save more time and further your community impact.

Why Invest in DonorPerfect Training?

Our experienced training experts can help you:

  • Institute best practices to become a more proficient user
  • Increase and improve communication with your top donors
  • Perform common tasks in less time
  • Create engaging reports quickly and easily
  • Onboard new users faster and better equip existing users for their roles
  • Reduce the number of spreadsheets and information systems to maintain

If your organization would like to raise more money, save more time, and better understand how to make the most of DonorPerfect, we can help

Donor Perfect

How Does it Work?

We take time to learn about your organization’s operations and unique needs. By meeting with your organization’s entire advancement team, gift officers, DonorPerfect users, members of your leadership team, and people who depend on information from DonorPerfect (like your Finance and Marketing teams), we can identify what is working for you—and what is not. In certain situations, a database audit will be necessary to completely understand how your organization can most effectively use DonorPerfect.

Together, we will then create a clearly defined training program to best fit DonorPerfect into your fundraising goals and objectives.

Contact us to get started.

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What is a Database Audit?

Our audits consist of a thorough review of your database records, coding, structure and fundraising operations. We don’t leave a stone unturned!

Once completed, we provide a written analysis that clearly identifies areas in need of improvement or adjustment, so that your organization can better use DonorPerfect to maximize its fundraising goals and objectives.

Our team really shines during the implementation of our audits. We work hand-in-hand with your team to clean-up your DonorPerfect data and optimize staff workflows.

Ask us about database audits.

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Can We Optimize Reports and Analytics?

DonorPerfect has some great built-in reporting tools and features, but setup and customization can sometimes be difficult.

We can help you:

  • Save time creating and sharing reports
  • Show the data most valuable to your key stakeholders in real-time
  • Realign your data to produce reliable results to report and measure toward development goals
  • Streamline data entry processes
  • Use data to better segment and target your donors
  • Make better decisions based on strategic data analysis
  • Find out more about our training and advisory services

Find out more about custom report training.

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Why Can't We Train In-House?

DonorPerfect is a robust and complex software solution and can be overwhelming for team members with little formal training. Every organization will benefit from properly trained staff. Relying on informally trained users can lead to issues with reporting and data analysis, or worse—incorrect or disastrous use of advanced features.

We offer one-on-one as well as small group DonorPerfect training.

Connect with us to set up a formal training.

Professional Training

Need Long-Term Database Management?

We can provide interim and long-term outsourced staffing solutions!

Our team is always available on a long-term basis to serve as your remote database manager. Many of our clients outsource their gift entry, database clean-up, and DonorPerfect database administration to us in a long-term partnership.

Contact us to find out more about database management.

Data management

Why Choose Marsherall Partners?

Marsherall Partners was founded to help organizations analyze and leverage their data to make a bigger impact on the communities they serve.

We specialize in data analysis to determine inefficiencies in workflow, identify opportunities to improve return on investment, cost of raising a dollar and community impact of philanthropic efforts.

Partner with us to use industry best practices to create data-driven solutions.

Marsherall Partners Team

Let's Get Started

Connect with us and get serious about using DonorPerfect.

If you want to better understand how your organization is using DonorPerfect and how to use it more effectively, contact us today. We are available for both remote and on-site consultations.

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