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About Us

Marsherall Partners was founded to help organizations analyze and leverage their data to make a bigger impact on the communities they serve.

We specialize in data analysis to determine inefficiencies in workflow, identify opportunities to improve return on investment, cost of raising a dollar and community impact of philanthropic efforts.

We partner with your team to bring industry best practices to create data-driven solutions.

Our Team

Tricia MarsherallMarsherall Partners Team

Tricia Marsherall

Founder & President

Sara-Lee CaligiuriSara-Lee Caligiuri

Sara-Lee Caligiuri

Vice President, Data & Client Services

Angeline ViruetTricia Marsherall and Angeline Viruet

Angeline Viruet

Database Specialist

Kelly MennaKelly Menna working

Kelly Menna

Events and Communications Coordinator

Marlisa PostMarlisa Post

Marlisa Post

Database Specialist

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